Make it easier, hold it up!

hold it up!® is the first practical and versatile metal wall skateboard holder, perfect for those who want to proudly display their best tools. Developed and designed to make life easier for every Skater. hold it up!® is the perfect accessory for anyone with a board, doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or you’ve been skating for a decade!



Every type of board

hold it up!® has been designed so that it can be used by all types of boards, such as Skateboards, Longboards and Cruisers.

High Quality Materials

hold it up!® is made of steel, to give it strength, powder coated without containing harmful substances which preserve the metal structure unaltered and it comes also in stainless steel -super mirror finish.

Easy to mount

It mounts with two screws, easy to position thanks to our technical instructions, and then simply hooks hold it up!® to the screws. Very easy!

Organization Tool

hold it up!® it’s a great organizational tool! Four hooks and two shelves allow you to hang your helmet, clothes and everything else used daily and making it useful even for those who do not have a skateboard yet.

What color will you choose?

hold it up!® is high quality, sleek, minimalistic, and can blend right in with anyone’s home decor since it comes in a whole range of color options. This Skateboard Rack is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy.

hold it up!®

There are other articles on the market that can perform the same functions as hold it up!® but nobody is so innovative, essential and has such cool design, which will surely become a trendy object in the near future.

We Love Skateboarding

You don’t have to be flippin’ awesome to understand that skateboarding is more than just a sport, to most it’s an art form, a lifestyle, a combination of technique and form! Some would call it a philosophy of adventure. Whatever you call it, it’s a fun way to get around, and it’s constantly evolving and becoming more popular.

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