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  • MATERIAL: 20/10 Metal Sheet
  • SKU.5000 Metal Sheet in Steel DD11
  • SKU.5001 Metal Sheet in Stainless Steel AISI304

480mm X 152mm X 147mm


490mm x 160mm x 150mm
1ft,57in x 5,9in x 5,8in

  • Metal sheet in Steel: Powder Coated
  • Metal sheet in Stainless steel: Polished Super Mirror
  • 0,018m3
  • 0,415cu.ft.

Easy to mount

We’ve designed it in such a way that you can pretty much mount it anywhere! Which would be beneficial to any skateboarder.

Organization Tool

It’s first and foremost a rack to hold your board, but we also incorporated some other great features! It’s have a shelf, and even space to hang your helmet or snapback.

Every type of board

hold it up!® is a very versatile product, it can used with all types of boards such as skateboards, longboards and cruisers.


And guess what? The hold it up!® comes with a t-shirt designed by us and a black speaker!

Dirty Walls,
No More!

With hold it up!® the wheels of the skateboard no longer touch the wall because they are facing forward and the multicolored graphics that usually distinguishes a skate from the other is always in plain sight.

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