MORE CONTRACT is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes.

We believe design makes a powerful contribution to the future direction of our business through the application of design thinking, which offers alternative and lateral interpretations of every decision we make.

The Management of the Company MORE CONTRACT Srl is made up of enthusiastic and proactive people and has a very low average age, which facilitates the research and realization of products conceived to position itself at best in the global market, both as regards Hold it up! that for all the other products that the company continues to design, to produce and sell with great success.

Who We Are

A group of designers enthusiastic about MORE CONTRACT SRL found that the market had a need, so we made hold it up!®, which is a product entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy.

The market and everything that revolves around skateboards, in recent years are increasingly gaining ground in the world, and even in our country is starting to involve younger and younger people, but also adults of any age.
Hence the idea of creating hold it up!®, a new product, focusing on innovation, attention to design and functionality, all accompanied by an attractive packaging designed specifically for different age of use and consumption and target of the reference.

Customer Value

The value of our product is the result of an exclusive production able to combine market needs and satisfy the “eye” of today’s consumers, of different ages, with the pleasure of exposing it (storage, organizer, order) in every space.

The initial offer will be based on a unique and distinc product, able to satisfy the first requests of consumers in terms of Design, and as already mentioned, with the addition of accessories such as wireless Speakers to wear during the activity, t-shirts with the hold it up!® brand, and various stickers with logos related to the sport itself.

hold it up!®

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